High School Seniors

These kiddos are my specialty! I spend a lot of time with teens and love their humor and personalities. They are such a thrill for me to photograph! I love seeing the style and potential of each senior that comes in for a session! Typically these sessions last about an hour or more and are photographed in the studio, and on locations of your choice. Don't have a location? No problem! I know of several cool places to use! Seniors are welcome to bring any ideas they want! This session is all about them! Seniors in Brown Co. usually start thinking about portraits in March-May, but I am open to photographing them any time of year!


The sweet smell, the soft skin and sleepy smiles just warm my heart! These small ones are one of my favorite types sessions. This session is on "baby time", so sessions can last anywhere from an hour, to four! Usually I photograph these wee ones in the studio, so I can have all my baby props handy. However, if you would prefer your home, I will come to you!

Family & Children

Family sessions have so much energy and are so much fun! Most of the time these sessions are outdoors.....even in the winter if you are brave! I have several locations that I love, but if you have a ranch or land, we can photograph your family or children there too! I prefer to do outdoor family sessions around sunset, so we have really great light!

Sports Individual & Teams

While I can't spike a ball, or run up and down a field, I LOVE watching sports! Even more so, I love the kids that play them! Teams can be photographed during practices on location, or at my studio with green screen (which, y'all, is really cool!) I have order forms for the day of the shoot, or have the option for purchases online.  Some merchandise is only available on one or the other! 

Weddings and Events

Unfortunately, Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is a chronic disorder that effects my joints, and the medication to control it effects my immune system. While it usually does not stop me from doing sessions, I would be absolutely broken if on a brides beautiful wedding day, or a perfectly planned party, my health were to prevent me from performing at my best. So I no longer photograph the wedding day or events that can't be rescheduled. However, if you would like Engagements or Bridals, or any other service,  I would be more than happy to talk to you! I also know of several other very good photographers in Brownwood that would do a wonderful job on your wedding day or event!