Covid-19 Protocol


As high school, middle school and league sports have started back up, I was hoping that UIL and the CDC would give photographers more information to keep kids safe during photo shoots.  Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case, so it is time to institute my own!  I know some of these changes might be an adjustment, but I promise to do all I can to make them easy as I can, so I can continue photographing the teams that I love!!!  However, a school district superintendent can choose to allow teams to be photographed.  The team will be posed with masks on, then will take the mask off and put in a pocket.  Team pictures usually take no more than 5 minutes.    

Masks, Social Distancing and Sanitizer, Oh My!  Teams will be required to wear masks during the shoot until it is their time to be photographed.  Coaches will also need to make sure that kids are social distancing while waiting to be photographed.  Since I will be taking the pictures, I will depend on the team coach to make sure this is happening in accordance to your schools protocols!  I will also have hand sanitizer available.

Touchless! I won't be able to adjust hair or clothing for players, but I'm usually pretty good at giving directions to help hair and clothing look their best! Oh, and my best advice for girls is to not wear ponytails on picture day :)

Individual pictures!  All individual pictures will be photographed on a white backdrop.  This will mean that teams MUST wear their uniforms that are NOT WHITE, so that they can be cut out properly in Photoshop!   A green screen is sometimes used for this process, but I have found that on blonde or curly hair, the green is reflected in the hair and skin...using a white backdrop prevents that!  Teams may choose to have individuals take on their field of choice, but team pictures WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE in this option.  Unfortunately, this is an either/or choice, not both!  

No In-Person Team picture!  Until we are able to get close together for regular team pictures, I will be creating the team picture in Photoshop, using the individual pictures.  These are called composites.  I have done these in the past and they are quite cool!  They take a bit more time to get ready!  Team pictures are NOT AVAILABLE for teams that choose to be photographed on their field/court.  However, a school district superintendent can choose to allow teams to be photographed.  The team will be posed with masks on, then will take the mask off and put in a pocket.  Team pictures usually take no more than 5 minutes.

We are going paperless!  No more order forms!  Let's face it, a lot of the forms wind up in the bottom of a backpack anyway :)  All orders will be placed online at  I will send a info sheet home with the gallery information, and due dates.  A gallery for the sports team will be set up with a 2 week deadline from the day the team is photographed.  This will give me a few days to get the pictures and gallery ready and a week for parents to order.  All orders placed during that time will be held until the deadline is over and I will order them all at the same time, so that you won't have to pay shipping.  When I receive the print order, it will be given to the coach of that team for delivery.  After that deadline, regular online ordering will be available and shipping charges will apply and will be sent directly to your home.    

Social Media!  In the past, I have created albums on Facebook so that parents can share.  I have always required permission from the parent to do this on the order form, but with online ordering, we will have to do that process a different way.  First, you will need to create an account, which you have to do to order.  in the top left side, you will see a "Heart".  Click the heart as your permission to post on social media.  I can access who likes a picture and will share to Facebook after the ordering deadline.  If you don't want to wait that long...and who does, because you kids are are so very welcome to screenshot your image and share to your social media and save to your phone!  I would love to be tagged!  Please do not share images of players who do not belong to you and as always, please keep the logo intact!  This is for my protection and yours!  There is a social media share button at the bottom of your picture, but to be doesn't share pretty!   


I have always held my portrait sessions to a high standard of sanitation, but I will double insure that everything will be clean and sanitized for your visit.  We are able to social distance in the warehouse portion of the studio, and I will ensure that couches and props are sanitized.  Hand sanitizer is always available! 

The studio is available for individual sessions such as newborns, children, seniors and business head shots.  Family group sessions will need to be photographed at an outside, and will be limited to 10 people.